Medi-COP is here to make sure that you always get the medical care that you deserve. Our primary aim is to prevent medical malpractice, helping you to get the best care possible from the perspective of real medical professionals.

Our organisation has been helping patients at various hospitals when they are uncertain about the quality of care they are receiving. Medical care is often very expensive because doctors and surgeons are expected to safeguard your life and wellbeing; when you want peace of mind to make sure that your care is of the highest possible standard, Medi-COP steps in.

Negligence and poor service at hospitals and medical practices can have dire consequences: from permanent disability to life-threatening mistakes or hospital-acquired infections, the patient is the one who suffers. In many cases for such patients who are victims of poor medical care, it is possible to have prevented it in the first place, without having to take legal recourse. Unfortunately, however, that is sometimes the case, and Medi-COP is here to help.

When you report medical malpractice or negligence, you are often saving many others from falling victim to the same treatment. When hospitals have problems in one ward, it is likely that these problems will extend to others, too. To encourage or compel healthcare facilities to live up to the standards required of them will improve healthcare services for many other patients. It is in everyone’s interests for patients who are victims of medical malpractice or who have concerns to come forward, and Medi-COP has an established network to make sure that all necessary protections are offered to those who do.

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Medi-COP offers a range of services to members to make the process of reporting and acting on medical negligence as meaningful and hassle-free as possible. With a Medi-COP membership, you have access to a comprehensive range of services. We can:

  • Do spot-check hospital visits, as well as follow up after a reported incident;
  • Facilitate communications between the hospital and the patient (or their family/representatives);
  • Take up addressing substandard or negligent medical care;
  • Assist with preventing complications that can result from negligence or cases of hospital-acquired infections;
  • Ensure that your living will is executed accurately and in full; and
  • Offer personal Medi-COP visits to your hospital in urgent cases.

Does Hospitalization leave you vulnerable?

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