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About Medi-COP

Medi-Care Of Patient was born from the unfortunate need to address bad and/or lack of service(s) patients received from medical service providers. The catalyst was when the founder of Medi-COP’s father almost died due to gross negligence on the part of a specialist and private hospital.

By way of analogy, Medi-COP holds the view that medical service can be compared to a three-leg table, where these legs represent the hospitals, nursing staff, medical professionals, and the patients/family representing the table-top. They are all interdependent and need to function as a unit in order to offer effective quality care.

Patients and families are left with the consequences thereof, but often, medical practitioners are also left to carry the responsibility and consequences thereof. It is important to protect valued medical professionals against the negative perceptions of the profession often created by a small portion of those actually responsible for these perceptions. Medi-COP is geared to play a large role to both improve care and bring down the cost for liability insurance for medical professionals to approach the ‘table’ holistically. In order to have a major impact on insurance premiums you need to prevent complications, have a mechanism for people to lodge their complaints (‘patient-centered complaint system’) and attempt resolution of disputes through informal/formal mediation processes before resorting to litigation. For this, Medi-COP needs other role players to work together to make this a reality.

Medi-COP aim to prevent serious complications and to managed damage resulting from an existing situation by being visible and identifying bad and negligent service early by doing spot-check hospital visits and request consultations. Medi-COP is at present unable to play a large role in protecting doctors, because Medi-COP needs a co-operation agreement with malpractice insurance companies. Doctors are not allowed to talk to 3rd parties without authorization from their insurance company.