Frequently asked question

A: There are many reasons for you to join. By joining:  
  1. You give us a VOICE to fight for better health care.
  2. You are no longer a lone individual with complaints and no forum to address them, but part of a larger community with similar concerns and with greater influence.
  3. You can help alert others to problem areas, risks and unacceptable practices.
  4. As a PREMIUM MEDI-COP MEMBER, the following additional services will be available
  • Medi-COP doctors will do random ‘spot-checks’ on registered Premium Medi-COP members who are admitted to hospital. (free service)
  • When a Premium Medi-COP Member is admitted to hospital, you can request a Medi-COP doctor to visit (request consultation) you or a family member at a once off fixed fee.
  • If Medi-COP receives an anonymous complaint and the patient involved is a member, Medi-COP doctors will add you to the list of patients for random ‘spot-checks’. This will give us a chance to “investigate” the complaint and if any evidence found, the member will be informed. If the member would like us to handle it further, it will be handled as a “request consultation”. The identity of the anonymous member who lodged the complaint will be kept confidential.
  • Many other services are planned to be introduced in the future.
A: There are many reasons to join as a Service Provider who responds:  
  1. Medi-COP gives the Service Provider a platform to present their side of the complaint.
  2. Now the public has a dedicated website for patients to lodge their complaints.  This means that the service provider will be aware of the complaint, AND have a fair opportunity to respond to it and/or address / rectify the situation
  3. As a registered service provider, you will have access to the name, cell phone number & e-mail address of the client who lodges the complaint to give the SP a chance to rectify the situation with the complainant.
  4. See Service Providers Who Responds.
A: Anonymous complaints are complaints where the name of the member who lodged the complaint will not be made public and the complaint will not be published on the website. Anonymous complaints give employees of the service providers and medical professional colleagues the opportunity to inform Medi-COP about negligence and bad services, without running the risk of being victimized or ostracized. Under normal circumstances, the patient will have no knowledge about it. This will give Medi-COP the opportunity to look for tendencies and to investigate serious complaints without compromising the identity of the member who lodged the complaint.
A: In the case of medical negligence where the patient involved is a Medi-COP member, the patient will automatically be put on the random “spot-check-up list”.  
  1. If Medi-COP can find any evidence of the alleged negligence, the patient /family will be informed about it without jeopardizing the identity of the complainant.
  2. In the case where the service of random “spot-check-ups” is not available in the area yet, Medi-COP will do a ”spot-check-up” if the seriousness and the potential consequences of the alleged negligence justify it – no matter where in South Africa.
  1. Firstly you need to register as a member or log-in if you are already a member.
  2. Secondly, you must inform Medi-cop about the hospital admission by logging in and holding the curser on the “Hospital” button, then ‘click’ “Admission”. Then follow the instructions. You will need the following information:
    • The service provider’s name (hospital)
    • Is it a private, semi-private or state hospital
    • In the case of a private hospital, does it belong to a specific hospital group?
    • Physical address & telephone number
    • Ward & bed number
  -     This service will be available on cell phone by sending as sms in the near future.   Thirdly; Hold the curser on the “Hospital” button and then ‘click’ “Request Consultation”.