• Premium Medi-COP Member (Full membership).
    1. In areas where “spot-check” hospital visits and ‘request consultations’ are available.
    2. Registration fees on first time registration.
      1. Administrative fee.
        1. R55.00
      2. Fee with registration.
        1. Main member R135.00 per month x 3 months (Pensioners: R115.00 x 3)
        2. Dependents Free.
      3. Example: Family of 4 members.
        1. Admin. fee: R 55.00
        2. Fee with registration (Monthly premium x 3 months):
          1. Main member (R135 x 3):   R405.00 (Pensioners: R115.00 x 3 = R345.00)
          2. Dependents (3 x R0.00) R    0.00
        3. Total fee payable: R460.00 (Pensioners: R400.00)
    3. Thereafter the member will pay monthly premiums of R135.00 (Pensioners: R115.00) in advance by debit order.
    4. Request Consultation fee.
      1. Premium Medi-COP Member: (no matter what duration the consultation is)
        1. Once-off fee of R450.00
        2. No other fees or follow-up fees if for the same reason.
  • Group Medi-COP Member
    1. Fee depends on the service agreed to between the parties.
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