Living Will

For more info on a ‘Living Will’ you can click on this link: The Living Will Society

Download a draft living will at this link.


  1. Always sign it in the presence of both witnesses.

  2. Always complete more than one original copy of a Living Will.

  3. Where to keep your Living Will document(s).

    1. One at your home in a safe place for easy access in an emergency (always let your family know where it is).

      1. If you live at a Retirement Complexes / Old Age Homes, you should keep one at your living place and give an extra one to the Management or the Clinic Sister to keep.

    2. Lodge one with your doctor, after full discussion of the contents with your doctor.

      1. Should there be no private doctor, arrangements could be made to file one in your out-patient file at the hospital.

    3. If you are a member of Medi-COP, you should make sure that Medi-COP also receive an original copy of your Living Will.