Service Providers Who Respond.
  1. Service Providers Who Respond.
    1. First time registration fees (Administration fee + Registration fee)
      1. Administration fee:
        1. R85.00
      2. Registration fee:
        Hospitals R1,500.00
        Specialists R  800.00
        General Practitioners R  350.00
        Other Medical professionals R  350.00
        Medical Aids R 2,500.00
    1. Annual Registration fees: (Two or less complaints received in the previous year, the annual registration fee will have a discount of 25%. If the SP failed to renew their membership in time, they will be blocked from being able to log-in. There will be an administrative fee of R120.00 to renew membership that has lapsed.)
    1. Administration fee to respond to each complaint.
First response R150.00
Second response to the same complaint R0.00